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Appeal Form
  • Appeal to APHRC

    See Section 7.3 Appeals of the Atlantic Provinces Harness Racing Commission Rules
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  • Note:

    Grounds of Appeal can be for one (1) or more reasons. An Appellant does NOT have to articulate or outline four (4) Grounds of Appeal. The Appeal form has been formatted to assist those Appellants who may outline more than one (1) Ground or basis for their Appeal. A statement on this form by an Appellant to the effect that they disagree with the Judges’ Panel decision IS NOT A VALID GROUND OF APPEAL and any Appeal Form containing such wording will be disregarded by the Commission and the document returned to the purported Appellant. An Appellant must outline in sufficient detail, the reason or reasons why he/she disagree with the decision of the Judges’ Panel and outline how the Judges’ Panel misinterpreted and/or misapplied the Rules and Regulations of the MPHRC to their fact situation which lies at the heart of the Appeal.
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  • Once this appeal process has been commenced and you withdraw the appeal, this will result in a minimum fine of $200. If you fail to appear before the appeal board for a scheduled hearing, refer to MPHRC rule 426(2).