The Maritime Provinces Harness Racing Commission was established in 1994 and consists of six members each of which are nominated by the Lieutenant Governor in Council on the recommendations of the Minister. Newfoundland & Labrador joined and the commission consolidated to create the Atlantic Provinces Harness Racing Commission.

The members of the Commission hold office for such term, not exceeding three years, as determined at the time of appointment. A member is eligible for reappointment but no member shall serve for a continuous period exceeding nine years.

A member remains in office until the member resigns or is replaced.

In the event of a vacancy occurring during the term of office of a member, the Council may appoint a person for the remainder of the term of that member. A vacancy does not impair the right of the remaining members to act.

The Commission most often meets at the Commission office, but from time to time at other locations within the Atlantic Provinces to deal with matters and/or to conduct Appeal Hearings.

Members currently serving on the Commission are:

  • Frank Balcom, Chairman
  • Cheryl Geldart Greer, NB Commissioner
  • Stefan DeCourcey, NB Commissioner
  • Keith Gowan, NL Commissioner
  • David Lewis, NS Commissioner
  • Lowell Stead, PEI Commissioner
  • Blair Hansen, PEI Commissioner

The Commission has two full-time staff in its office located in Kensington, Prince Edward Island; the Director of Racing, Dr. Paul Hogan and Administrative Assistant, Debbie Walsh. In addition, the Commission is responsible for approximately 25 part-time race officials.

There are (8) eight racetracks under the jurisdiction of the Atlantic Provinces Harness Racing Commission and the Commission governs, regulates and supervises harness racing in all of its forms relevant and related to pari-mutuel betting.




Paul Hogan

Paul Hogan, Director of Racing

Dr. Hogan joined the Commission January 2005 as Director of Racing and CAO.

He is a native Islander having been born and raised in Summerside and is a retired Dentist having owned and operated a very successful practice in Nova Scotia.

After retiring from Dentistry, he worked as a Dental Consultant for Maritime Life Assurance Company in Halifax, and as a Clinic Supervisor for the Nova Scotia Community College. In addition, he was a Lecturer for the Canadian Dental Association.

Dr. Hogan has had a life long love of harness racing and has owned and raced standardbred horses in the past. He was a Past President and Executive Member of the Harness Horse Owners Association of Halifax from 1976 to 1979.


Debbie Walsh

Debbie Walsh, Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Walsh joined the Commission in 1994 as an Administrative Assistant.

Mrs. Walsh lives on the outskirts of Kensington.

Prior to joining the Commission, Mrs. Walsh was employed with the Land Registration and Information Service (LRIS), Surveys and Mapping Division located in Summerside, PEI.

Mrs. Walsh is no stranger to the harness racing industry. Her father was involved in the industry as a Breeder, Owner, Trainer and Driver and she traveled to many racetracks throughout the Maritimes with her dad.


Brian DaSilva, Paddock Judge


Jeff MacDonald, Starter




Frank Balcom

Frank Balcom, Chairman

Mr. Balcom resides in Amherst, NS where he retired as principal of Amherst Regional High School. He has been involved with harness racing since 1970 and is still currently involved in the industry as an owner. He previously served on the Commission from 2001 to 2003 as Commissioner for the Province of Nova Scotia and was subsequently appointed Chairman from 2003 to 2011. He was reappointed to the APHRC in August of 2014 and appointed Chairman in July of 2016.

He remains active in the education, training and development of race track officials throughout the Atlantic Provinces. He also serves on the Finance Committee. Mr. Balcom continues to have a positive outlook for harness racing and looks forward to assisting the industry in any way that he can.


David Lewis

David Lewis, NS Commissioner

Mr. Lewis is from Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia. Mr. Lewis was appointed to the Commission April1, 2010. Mr. Lewis has been involved in harness racing since 1978, as a groom and trainer. He also worked for several years as a farrier. Over the past 4 years Mr. Lewis has been involved with Northside Downs in Sydney, Nova Scotia, working as a Photo Finish Operator and Timer. Mr. Lewis owned and operated a restaurant, lounge and bakery for 25 years in Sydney Mines. He served on the Board of Directors of the Northside & District Minor Hockey, Sydney Mines & District Community Center, Sydney Mines Community Police Office, Cape Breton Crime Stoppers.


Lowell Stead

Lowell Stead, PEI Commissioner

Lowell Stead, from Montague, PEI, was appointed to the Commission in October 2012. Mr. Stead was born Feb. 5, 1942 in Souris, PEI. He made his home in Fortune, PEI until the age of ten. He then moved to Montague, PEI where he and his wife currently reside. He and his wife have bred and raised racehorses for the past 40 years. He owned and operated Lowell Stead Inc. (a Shell Oil agency) for 25 years. He was a past director and shareholder in the Charlottetown Driving Park. He is a member of the Montague Presbyterian church.


Blair Hansen

Blair Hansen, PEI Commissioner

Blair Hansen was appointed to the APHRC in April 2016. Mr. Hansen is a resident of Charlottetown, PEI and has been involved in harness racing for several years. He was lucky enough to have the first horse he was part of (Harmony P) race in the Gold Cup and Saucer. From there, he became involved in breeding and ownership of race horses focusing mainly on stake horses. Mr. Hansen is a past board member of Tennis PEI and Belvedere Golf Club.


Cheryl Geldart Greer

Cheryl Geldart Greer, NB Commissioner

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Keith Gowan

Keith Gowan, NL Commissioner

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Stefan DeCourcey, NB Commissioner

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